The weather and geology of the area has forged a unique and varied community of flora and fauna. The wind-blasted cliff tops are the home of thrift, rare butterflies and the Peregrine Falcon. Wind sculpted trees point inland, ubiquitous gulls hover in the updraft and you’ll see the common, and if you are very lucky, maybe something quite rare, like seals hauled up in a secluded rocky cove.


March and April

Wildlife May and June

Top left Thrift(sea pink) and sea campion, mid top bird's-foot-trefoil ( eggs and bacon) mid bottom scurvy grass. Top right spring squill. middle right sea campion.

Bottom right herb-robert and to right early purple orchid.

Top left comfrey, mid top sorrel. Top right pink campion. 

Bottom left sea mayweed, fulmars, early purple orchid, 

bottom right foxgloves and honeysuckle.

Wildlife July and August

Left bird's-foot-trefoil, middle pearl bordered fritillary. Top right wild carrot and thyme 

Bottom right tormentil. (close up)

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